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Why WordPress Stands Superior to WIX

Why WordPress Stands Superior to WIX

We build search engine optimized (SEO) websites for our clients, which combine artful design, compelling copy and searchable terms to boost visitation and customer retention.

Two popular website platforms in the industry are WordPress and WIX. While each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, we prefer to use WordPress. And, to be fair, we want to explain how these two options differ.

We don’t consider WordPress to be a plug-n-play platform like WIX. WordPress and WIX do have templates and themes available to get you started; however, with WordPress, it’s usually a one-time purchase, and you typically own the theme design to manipulate however you please. Keep in mind, you don’t have to purchase a theme. There are many free ones, and you can build your own if you have the coding skills. On the other hand, WIX is a monthly expense, and you never really own the design.

One of the largest differences is that WordPress is open-source, while WIX is not. This means anyone with even the smallest amount of coding knowledge can manipulate the platform to perform various tasks. This also means the platform can run on most available web servers. The perk of open source? You’re not tied down to whatever shared server and speed WIX offers at the moment. For example, all our websites run on dedicated servers powered by Amazon Web Services. Having our websites run on these dedicated servers means we can control the resources being offered to your website. If you need a small amount, you’re covered; if you need a massive amount of power for a global network of e-commerce or streaming websites, you’re still golden.

In terms of SEO, here is how we compare the two platforms:


WIX Website Builder

The SEO feature is pretty basic. Adding the title and description data for each page is where you get stuck and even that isn’t customizable. Additional SEO features are available at a premium cost; however, those features are still limited. And, WIX doesn’t allow for each page to be optimized individually.



Because WordPress is open-source, there are many SEO tools available for use – some free and some competitively priced. WordPress allows all the content on the pages and posts to be optimized for SEO purposes. Titles and descriptions can be customized, and anchor, alt and description tags can be placed on images and links throughout the website/blog.

What does this mean? Search engines like Google and Bing search through your website for those items. Though, just because those key items are there doesn’t mean you will rank.

Keywords and titles need to match the content on the page, and description tags for images should match the content on the page.

So in our opinion, a website built on WordPress has more options and SEO abilities than a website built using WIX.

Our Conclusion: 

Building and maintaining with WordPress can be daunting, intimidating, and time consuming. On the flip side, once you learn WordPress and some basic SEO skills, you can keep your website optimized yourself rather than waiting for a third party to keep up. This is crucial since Google changes their ranking requirements often.

Like I said, SEO can be intimidating and a lot of work. Why not let us handle that for you so you can do what you do best…grow your business. Contact Us, we’d be happy to help!

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