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Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

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SEO and Social Media work together, perfectly.

Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

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Social Media ~ Tomato Soup

Social Media is the customer service hotline of the century. Because 31% of social media consumers expect direct access to customer service representatives, social media is an essential tool to businesses and customers alike.

Some key advantages to Social Media

  • Personality, propinquity, transparency
  • Speed. The quickest way for a customer to review an learn more about the company
  • Intimacy with customers. Able to develop personal relationships with customers.
  • Promotional platform. With more than 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users as of January 2017 [Zephoria], it’s just too large to ignore.

If your brands objective is to build a strong business pillared around client and customer relations, then social media should take precedence over SEO, and a trained social media team can achieve that for you. (Like us)

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] ~ Grilled Cheese

SEO is the power house that drives an effective online presence. Keywords and phrases can be used to improve the way your business is presented in search results.

It’s not an overnight project, it takes time and it will generate more business and gain a larger online following. 51% of customers are a little more likely to click on a search result if the brand appears multiple times on a results page. (Yup that means more than once.) If implemented by an experienced marketing agency (like us), SEO can guarantee your organization is visible to the public.

Some key advantages to Social Media

  • Increase rankings, which increases frequency and position in search results.
  • ROI. [Return on Investment] – 32.5% might not seem like a lot to be #1 but it is.
  • Brand exposure and awareness.
  • Driving qualified traffic to your website, which increases your ROI.

If your objective is to gain a larger following and promote business, it may be best to focus on SEO than social, AND THEN SEO because SEO keywords can be incorporated into social posts.

Nom Noms ~ The Perfect Pair

It’s true, social media and SEO should be used together to reach a higher standard of excellence in customer satisfaction and brand exposure.

Some key advantages to using BOTH SEO and Social Media

  • More of an extensive audience reach. (Facebook isn’t just Facebook these days.)
  • Trending tags [Hashtags].
  • More analytics. Meaning you can learn more about your clientele.

This is why Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese are the perfect pair. Of course this is SEO and social media marketing. With Blue Helium Concepts, we don’t just advertise for you. We go back to your roots, your DNA. It allows us to identify and understand more about you, your brand and where you want it to go. We ask why, how and when you came up with the idea, and we build from there. Most agencies don’t even ask about the company, but we do more. Reach out to us to see what we can bring to the table for your company.