The Innovative Future of Event Design • Blue Helium Concepts
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The Innovative Future of Event Design

The Innovative Future of Event Design

Introducing Blue Helium Interactive


The force behind TIED (Total Immersion Event Designer)

After an incredibly successful first year, the team at Blue Helium Concepts is thrilled to announce its newest endeavor, Blue Helium Interactive – the force behind TIED (Total Immersion Event Designer), the next generation of event design.

Blue Helium Interactive

TIED is an innovative new way for clients to envision their event well before the big day. Seeing a layout on paper or screen is one thing…but full immersion is next level.  Using virtual reality, we’re giving wedding planners, brides, grooms, companies and anyone in between the power to immerse themselves into a venue to make decisions and options in real-time.

Our designers create and tailor venue-specific 3D renderings, allowing clients to walk through their event and let their imagination run wild – from choosing various chair designs and table linens to changing lighting colors.

Here’s how TIED works:

  • First, the Blue Helium Interactive team sources a venue’s photos or blueprints.
  • Next, the team builds the space in a virtual reality (VR) environment.
  • Then, a client designs a dream event via a VR headset and controllers, placing tables, changing linens, adjusting lighting, and so much more!
Total Immersion Event Designer

Total Immersion Event Designer

Ideal for Venue Owners

Imagine how excited a client would be to virtually walk through their event before it even happens? Our service includes a replication of your event space, including a limitless library of moveable items – from chairs and linens to buffet stations and chandeliers. We’ll work with your client to design their perfect event setup and provide the results to you.

Perfect for Clients

The anticipation of seeing your event setup day-of can be overwhelming – especially if it’s not what you imagined. TIED relieves that anxiety by allowing a client to design their event, down to utensil placement. Seeing and manipulating your event before it happens ensures your dream day is just that – a perfect dream.

But words certainly can’t do TIED justice. You’ll have to see it to believe it. Visit Blue Helium Interactive for a demo.