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Social Media To Increase Brand Awareness

Using Social Media To Increase Brand Awareness

You’ve heard us in other blog posts talk about how we’re living in a world of instant gratification thanks to social media such as Instagram.  This can sometimes be bad for our expectations in everyday life but it could be a great thing for your brand.

Based on Sprout Social’s 2018 Social Index, brand awareness is the top priority for marketing firms and their clients.  How many of you know a Yelper who takes their reviews so seriously, they often spend hours perfecting them to give the best possible information?  Or that friend who spends twenty minutes taking a picture of their dinner so they can tag the restaurant? Both are examples of how social media is increasing awareness of brands that may not advertise in traditional formats.

Navigating the waters of Instagram and Facebook can be hard, especially for those small businesses out there who are one-man or one-woman shows.  A good friend of ours here at Blue Helium Concepts owns a one-woman boudoir photography business who isn’t naturally a social media maven.  Mia Portrait Studio’s owner, Natalie Ray, deals with finding content appropriate for her business account to get in one post per day and only deviates from her brand once in a blue moon.  Finding that content sometimes proves difficult but she knows the importance of staying on brand.

Sprout Social recently did an article on 12 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness on Social Media which can help anyone make it through their daily postings.  Below are the five that stick out most to us with our take on them as a marketing and branding firm:

  • Give your social presence some personality – Have fun with it and make it real!  Some brands take themselves too seriously or only post about the business. People want to see the real people and places behind the brand, not just promo shoots and ads.
  • Tag others to get them talking – You’ll see in many of our blog posts and our social media posts that we always tag back to a brand or a person who is reflected in some way.  This only takes a second or two and increases your brands awareness since everyone you tag gets notified which drives them to your post and instantly increases engagement.
  • Harness the power of hashtags – Hashtags have become a debate in the social media world: how many is too many? Do you post them with a stream of periods or just in a row?  Each platform has its own “right way” of doing it but whichever way you do, they make your post more searchable and easy to find for everyone. Creating your brand’s own hashtag is just as important as using ones that draw attention.
  • Don’t be afraid of being opinionated – Listen, we’ve all heard the old adage about people and their opinions but it’s true, we all do have opinions.  If your brand is representative of you, don’t be afraid to share those opinions through social media. It all goes back to your brand being real…even if people agree or not.
  • Show up consistently – If you don’t POST about your brand, people will not KNOW about your brand, it’s that simple.  Being a consistent poster can get hard, especially if you’re on your own but it’s one of the most important things a brand can do.

These are only a couple of the 12 Ways so be sure to click over and read the rest of the article.  Looking for help with your brand’s social media? We are here to lead the way, just reach out to [email protected] to see how our firm can help take your social media game from zero to hero!