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Small Businesses


And Why We Love Them

At Blue Helium Concepts, one of the favorite parts of our job is working with small, independent businesses who are looking to really get a foothold in their area.  Working with independents versus chains allows for more creativity on both ends. You aren’t going to get the same leeway to go outside the box with a chain like Pottery Barn as we do with our clients, Lafayette & Rushford located in Baldwin Park.

While we understand the need for businesses to adopt the corporate styles down the road, helping them get to that point is where we get to shine.  Sure, there are firms like The Knight Agency who really push their big brands to go outside the box as seen in their recent rebranding of the Kessler Collection which you can read more about on our blog here.  These massive and sometimes “off-brand” campaigns are usually frowned upon by large companies as they need to appeal to everyone and avoid the drama that is unfortunately part of today’s society.

With smaller brands, we are able to have a little fun and play with what’s happening in pop culture and the world today.  It also doesn’t hurt that our meetings often include a glass of  or wine since it’s such a much more low key environment and we’re meeting with the actual owner versus a panel put together who probably don’t even like each other.

Speaking of “those” meetings, it’s so much easy to make decisions when you have face time with the decision makers and can share new ideas.  There’s something about a fiery independent business owner who’s willing to do anything and everything to have their business succeed that just gets us going!

Baldwin Park

We also just LOVE to support local small businesses that we actually visit frequently.  In our neighborhood, Baldwin Park, there are several independent restaurants and shops that we frequent and getting to work with the owners of those places doesn’t just help them but it also helps the neighborhood thrive and bring in new independants who are just as eager to build their brand.  It’s easier to help market something that you believe in as well than something that you’re just meh about.

Are you an independent business owner who has out of the box ideas but not sure how to make it all work?  We’d love to get on the crazy train with you and see where it takes us. Reach out to start the conversation at [email protected]!