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Publishing More Consistent Content To Grow Your Traffic

Posting more content isn’t the same as posting consistent content.

Search Engine Rankings

To start out, you should ask yourself why you are wanting to publish more.

While creating and publishing consistent content may seem difficult at first, it’ll really help you build loyalty and grow your audience. Ultimately increasing your traffic, social media shares and search engine rankings. Just as we mentioned earlier why fresh content and blogs are crucial for your website, posting consistent content is the caveat. Don’t just publish to publish, the content needs to be consistent, reliable and relative to your industry.

Alright! So you’re going to publish a ton of new content, right!? Might as well just publish a few hundred posts right away.


Creating consistent content is like preparing for a triathlon. It’s not a sprint. You need to build up your tolerance—and practice your approach—and eventually, you’ll be able to run a ton of miles in a relatively short amount of time.


Build Momentum

  1. Get a handle on your current content. How do you expect to handle more if you can’t with your current?
  2. Commit to a consistent process with hard deadlines.
  3. Plan more content after you’re comfortable – but don’t wait too long.

Ensure your current content is consistent.

First, let’s get the content you’re already writing publishing consistent. Choose the specific days and times you’ll commit to publishing.

According to your goals, there is research to help you choose the best times to publish your blog posts. Choose a day and time that should help you achieve your marketing goals.

Plan any posts you’re already working on in your content marketing editorial calendar for that specific day and time for the next month at least.

Commit to a consistent process with hard deadlines.

We can’t say it enough, before you add more content to your editorial calendar, get what you’re already doing under control. Then figure out how to overcome your challenges of creating fresh content. If you are struggling for content ideas, figure out where you’ll find your blog ideas. If you need graphics, know how you’ll create your visuals.

Planning the details ahead of time—maybe with a workflow—and getting everyone on board from the beginning is the best way to create consistent content.

Plan to add more content.

Once you have your current content being published consistently, you can start adding more. Like you did before, choose the next best days and times to publish your content. Then add one new post at a time to your editorial calendar.

This is really where you should take your time to build up your publishing tolerance.

Creating more content isn’t better. Creating more content that is better is better. Remember, don’t write your content around keywords, instead write your content around what your readers are wanting and add in a few keywords and quality links.

It’s a lot. Content is one item that we are always asking for from clients. It’s difficult to take the time away from the day to sit and think of valuable content for blogs. The great thing about us is we work with small businesses everyday to write the content for you. Give it a try yourself, if you get a hang of it then great! If not, connect with us, it’ll be worth the conversation. Call, text or email, we are open to it all. 321-300-6658 or [email protected]