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Married By Mail Relaunch

Launching Married By Mail to a new era.

A while back, Blue Helium Concepts was approached by one of our existing clients to do a site conversion of a business they had started called Married by Mail. After reviewing the pre-existing site and doing what we could, we knew that transitioning them to WordPress would be the first move to really bring their brand forward. We won’t name names but let’s just say WordPress brought Married by Mail to a new era.

About a year later, here we are launching their newly designed WordPress site and we’re ready for launch. Transitioning a site to a new platform not only helps with functionality but it also can help get your site in front of an entirely new audience. With thousands of styles and formats to choose from, were able to customize almost every aspect to ensure that you get the site you want. As you can see with the new Married by Mail site, instead of static images, we were able to add functioning graphics and captivating videos. The ability to adjust the site to present itself on mobile depending on the size of the device (tablet, phone, etc.) is another huge change that is vital to the success of most businesses in this day of instant gratification.

Married By Mail
Married By Mail

Take a minute to check out the newly relaunched site at You should also take a minute to look at your current site and ask yourself if a couple questions…


  1. When was the last time we did a redesign or touch up?
  2. Does our current site represent our brand the best it could?
  3. Where do we want to go with the site?

Answering those three simple questions will help take you in the direction that is best for the future of your company, just like Married by Mail did. Reach out to us for more information on website redesign, conversion and rebranding and let us help you get to that next level for your business.

Feel free to reach out us at Blue Helium Concepts for a consultation on your website and how we can revamp and bring new life to it.