The Launch of Acutech Realty • Blue Helium Concepts
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The Launch of Acutech Realty

The Launch of a new concept

Blue Helium Concepts recently helped launch Acutech Realty, a new real estate brokerage concept with a focus on technology. The Broker/Owner, Brian Lord, has helped Central Florida residents find and purchase their dream homes for more than 20 years.

Acutech Realty embraces cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient real estate services. The firm prides itself upon adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards through constant client communication and exceptional personal and professional development for its agents and employees.

As advanced technology and online retail presence have become necessities, Acutech Realty makes it easier for REALTORS® to work remotely and stay more readily available to provide clients the attention they deserve. Thanks to BrokerMint and Form Simplicity, Acutech Realty has adopted a completely paperless transaction approach, making the home buying process quicker and easier for both agents and their clients. With ethics and communication at the heart of the business, Acutech keenly monitors transactions at every point in the process to ensure the highest level of ethical transparency on both sides of the transaction.


With the development of their Complete Backend System, associates will have the ability to track their transactions, send notifications and reminders to their clients, access their paperless contract systems and stay in touch with a custom CRM. Skype, multi-user conference calling, and allow buyers, sellers, title companies, lenders, and home inspectors to collaborate with REALTORS® in real-time. These tools allow for the “big picture” communications that texts and emails can’t provide with the ability to coordinate efforts and communicate effectively and efficiently, making each transaction seamless. Through this greater attention to detail, agents and buyers are more prepared to handle the unexpected.

Buying a piece of property – one that could be the only home a person will ever own – can be an emotional experience. Brian understands that truly meaningful interactions with clients can make a deal that much more special and even yield exceptional reviews and referrals.


Some may think that Acutech Realty could force agents and customers outside their comfort zone, considering most real estate brokerages are still brick and mortar. But I’m convinced Acutech is leading the way for real estate’s future, giving the up-and-coming REALTOR® an advantage that the “old dogs” aren’t willing to adopt. I’m positive Central Florida agents will be excited to see how Acutech Realty is changing the game.

Working with Brian Lord has been a pleasure. His commitment to transparency and customer service is second-to-none and is spelled out in his latest blog post, A Message To First Time Home Buyers.

“I’m about to say some things that lots of people might disagree with, but you deserve the truth before you make one of the biggest investments of your life and truth is rare to find when buying something with the assistance of someone who earns a commission from the sale. -Brian Lord, Broker/Owner, Acutech Realty”

We wish great success and prosperity to our friends at Acutech Realty. To learn more, visit Acutech.Realty online or email [email protected].