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Kessler Collection – Marketing Obsession

Kessler Collection and Knight Agency

We absolutely geeked out when Knight Agency released their marketing video for The Kessler Collection this past spring.

As a small firm that focuses on branding and marketing, we love when a company launches a new campaign. Blue Helium Concepts lives for a well done Super Bowl commercial or repositioning of a company’s brand. With that said, a friend showed us the latest Kessler Collection marketing campaign video and holy crap. Let’s just say that stunning doesn’t begin to describe it. The videography, costumes, sets and one of the whole promo video below will leave you in awe.

Take a few seconds to watch the video by Knight Agency.

The Kessler Collection of hotels falls under Marriott’s Autograph Collection of hotels. Each of the Kessler Autograph properties is themed around local culture and the cultural arts, each with an individual identity, a compelling story and a strong sense of place. Building on those themes, the Autograph Collection today consists of over 150 unique hotel properties and continues to grow every year.

In this latest campaign, Kessler plays up the old-school bohemian vibes while keeping it modern and edgy which is quite the juxtaposition. It gives you a taste of the sexy that will draw people in while playing up old school suspense, horror and drama. You get a little Frankenstein meets The Shining meets Alice in Wonderland. They do all of this while showcasing each of their properties in their own style.

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