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Importance of Colors

Importance of Colors

It’s been said to be the most influential part of a brand or product.

Was there a strategy behind choosing the color of your brand, did you or your team pick colors based on what you liked at the time, or was there research put behind it?

It comes at no surprise that colors have the potential to influence moods. That’s why branding agencies such as Blue Helium Concepts pay close attention to this perception when developing or refreshing a brand and identity.

The study of color's impact on audience perception and emotion, or Color Psychology plays a larger roll in branding than most people might think. It has such a large impact that more people buy products and services based on visual factors over others.

Every time a consumer interacts with your brand, there is an opportunity to influence your audiences’ perception. By understanding the psychology behind color theory, we are able to further tap into branding techniques, in turn better connecting with your market, leading to a strong brand-consumer relationship and increased profit.


People who put more importance on visual factors when purchasing products or services

According to Scholastic, people tend to see color first, and this can boost a brands recognition by 80%, increasing the importance behind your brands colors. A similar study conducted by the Seoul International Color Expo shows that 92.6% of people put more importance on visual factors when purchasing products.

Dimension of Brand Personality

When it comes to choosing your brands colors, it’s arguably most important to consider brand personality. Take into consideration the colors competitors are using and the colors that suit your products.

To better understand brand personality, consider the five dimensions or five ways most people react to brand identities. It isn’t often, but some brands can cross over, however mist fall in-line with one trait.

Brand Personality

Of course there is a lot more to branding than just color theory. Reach out to us if you are interested in establishing a brand, or even looking for a brand refresh.