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A Few Reasons Fresh Content And Blog Posts Are Critical for Your Websites


(This Is Why We Are Always Asking For Them)

Search Engine Rankings

Some items to keep in mind when it comes to fresh content and blog posts:

  • Content can be considered text (copy) or images on the core pages or blogs/articles of the website.
  • Frequently updated websites stand a better chance at ranking higher. The more frequent search engines index, the better. See how Google indexes.
  • Google does not place much weight on keyword quantity anymore. Instead, they are looking for top quality content rather than keyword packed content.
  • New relevant content increases your websites potential at becoming an Authority.
Every time there is a content update on your website, the search engines take notice and index those changes. The more changes that happen, the more your website is visited by search engines and the more potential for the websits rankings to increase based on the content provided.

This is why our team is always asking our clients for fresh content and blog posts for their websites. We understand that coming up with the content from thin-air can be hard sometime, but it is well worth it. (We also offer monthly blog/content writing for websites that rather not deal with it.)

Frequency does matter when it comes to updating content or writing articles. We aren’t suggesting writing an article everyday, unless it fits your brand and business of course, however a website that updates content two to three times a week is considered a frequently updated website.

Keywords Vs Content

Through the years, SEO companies always seemed to included keyword services. Not to say that keywords shouldn’t be part of the websites SEO strategy, Google has lessened the weight of keyword quantity when it comes to ranking. Googles’ RankBrain puts more weight on quality of content rather than keyword stuffed articles.

Instead of posting or writing articles based on keywords, write high quality content with keywords naturally in place around what the reader wants. Use meta and title tags and descriptions for your keywords, but leave the content in a more natural state.


You’re probably wondering what authority means when it comes to your website. It’s fairly simple, it is a metric to measure how relevant and authoritative the content on your website is. Google has changed their authority metric algorithm considerably over the years, now to include machine learning artificial intelligence called RankBrain. Now to become an authority figure, its a mixture of over 200 factors and Google is playing coy as always with what those factors are.

The frequency of updates, value and relevancy of the content to the websites industry is now playing a heavy roll in the authority metrics and is primarily evaluated on a per-page basis yet still pulls in site-wide factors.

Read more on how the authority metrics has changed with Google, and how modern authoritative websites are aligning with it.

We know there are many, many factors that play into website rankings today. Some of them probably changed in the time it took us to write this article. To us, content is still King and will remain a heavy weight champion in the ring of SEO. Reach out to us if you are interested in having your website revamped, articles posted on a regular basis or just have a few questions about SEO.