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AWS – In Your Neighborhood And City

AWS – In Your Neighborhood And City

AWS is in your neighborhood and now in your City

You might have read our post about Amazon Web Services here and how awesome they are but did you know that they might even be in your city and even your neighborhood?  In addition to hosting countless on-demand cloud computing platforms for individuals, companies and governments, AWS helps service many of Amazon’s test programs.

One of the most recent test programs that Amazon is working on is Amazon Rekognition, their facial recognition software which has countless uses in today’s society.  Orlando was chosen as a pilot city for this program about six months ago.  When the contract ended in June, it was decided that the city would continue to test the facial recognition software in an extended pilot that uses video streams from City-owned cameras and the photos of seven participating police officers who have volunteered to participate.  After the next round of testing, Orlando will decide whether or not to procure the software for city-wide use.

AWS Rekognition
Label Detection from AWS Rekognition
AWS Rekognition
Facial Recognition from AWS Rekognition

One of the many reasons AWS is our preferred hosting and storage partner is because of their large depth of technical capabilities.  With data-centers located throughout the US and the globe, we will pick the best location to host your site depending on size and needs.  With the help of a firm like ours, we can build your site to your specifications and partner with AWS to ensure constant workflow and accessibility no matter your needs.

Feel free to reach out us at Blue Helium Concepts for more information about AWS and how we can use their capabilities to better serve you and your needs!