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Why We Use Amazon Web Services

Why We Use Amazon Web Services

Guess we should explain what AWS is first. We could send you to the Wikipedia page to read all about it, but what fun would that be? Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is a subsidiary of Amazon.com and provides on-demand cloud computing platforms for individuals, companies and governments.

Now the “why.” We like to run with the big dogs like Lionsgate, Kellogg’s and the CDC. Joking aside, we use AWS because of the flexibility, vast array of products and services offered, and system reliability. And, because we believe in embracing sustainability in everything we do, the fact that 40% of the power consumed by AWS comes from renewable energy sources is really attractive to us. In fact, several AWS regions are carbon-neutral. You can read more on that here.

We also like that Amazon Web Services Cloud operates in 42 Availability Zones within 16 regions around the world, with eight more zones and three more regions on the way. What does this mean? We can serve up your website and content from all around the globe, with a 99.999% up-time. If you’re interested in seeing its entire network, you can learn more on the AWS Global Infrastructure page.

But how does Blue Helium Concepts, a small-time branding and marketing firm in Winter Park, Florida, use an enterprise-size service? There are multiple systems within the AWS Suite that we utilize for our clients and here they are (in layman’s terms):

Amazon Web Services


Simple Storage Service

You could compare Amazon S3 to a giant thumb drive in the cloud. More like 77 million of them, to be exact, if the average thumb drive were 120 GB.

How we use S3 is simple; we use it for storage. We store all our clients’ files and information in the system. We also utilize it to deliver content for our clients’ websites all around the world through Amazon CloudFront. A lot of the time, small websites and blogs don’t need a CDN (Content Delivery Network), but we provide it for our clients for an extra performance boost.


Secure and Resizable Servers in the Cloud

All our clients’ websites and blogs run on these servers. This allows us to control the resources being offered to your website. If you need a small amount, you’re covered; if you need a massive amount of power for a global network of e-commerce or streaming websites, you’re still golden. These servers are what a lot of third party resellers use for hosting, so we decided to go right to the source so we can offer it at a fraction of the price.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services


Amazon Content Delivery Network

Sounds techy, right? Well, it is. Imagine taking your website, duplicating the content and placing it on hundreds of servers and networks around the globe. That’s what Amazon CloudFront does.

In the simplest of terms, when a user is on one of our client’s websites, Amazon CloudFront will automatically display the information for that website from the nearest region. I know it sounds confusing and some people think the internet should be instant no matter what, but in some cases, it isn’t. Take this example: Let’s say you are running an e-commerce business from Florida and a client searches for your site in Australia. Using CloudFront, the website won’t load slowly for them because your website content would come from the Sydney Region Data Center, not all the way from Florida.

It’s easy to tell you how we use the services, but the big question is why use AWS over another company like GoDaddy, BlueHost or Digital Ocean. AWS allows for flexibility, scalability, security and reliability without any hesitation. We don’t have to worry about the upkeep of our systems and websites as much, meaning we can spend more one-on-one time with our clients, helping them grow their business.

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