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Blue Helium’s Digital Sustainability

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Blue Helium Concepts is committed to running our business in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Working with Amazon Web Services [AWS] helps us with that lofty initiative.


Aside from its reliable services, AWS provides the most carbon-neutral data centers available.

Our websites and online services, including the clients who host with us, are housed in three regions across North America. The regions were the first to earn the honor when Amazon started its green journey in 2011.


Blue Helium Concepts follows AWS’s sustainability efforts closely, constantly keeping an eye out for additional carbon-neutral regions.

At the end of 2016, more than 40% of the power consumed by AWS’s global infrastructure came from renewable energy sources. Through solar and wind farms strategically placed throughout the United States, AWS hopes to run on 50% renewable energy by the end of 2017.

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It’s Green

In The Cloud


According to the Uptime Institute and PUE [Power Usage Effectiveness], a common infrastructure efficiency measure, cloud customers consume 84% less power. And, by utilizing the cloud, these customers reduced their carbon emissions by 88%.

A typical large-scale cloud provider achieves approximately 65% server utilization rates versus 15% onsite. This means when companies move to the cloud, they typically provision fewer than a quarter of the servers they’d provision onsite.1 In addition, a typical onsite data center is 29% less efficient in its use of power compared to a typical large-scale cloud provider that uses world-class facility designs, cooling systems, and workload-optimized equipment.2 Adding these together (fewer servers used plus more power efficient servers), customers only need 16% of the power used by onsite infrastructure. This represents an 84% reduction in the amount of power required.

1 Source: NRDC 2014 “Data Center Efficiency Assessment” report

2 Source: Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of on-premises data centers from 2014 Uptime Institute study and PUE of cloud data centers from Google and Facebook public disclosures plus AWS internal data, all of which show PUEs under 1.2

Blue Helium Concepts does not hold any endorsements from Amazon Web Services or their affiliate companies. Blue Helium Concepts simply utilizes AWS and their services.

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